Record Wildlife | Wildlife App | iPhone/Android

How to use the app

Splash Screen

Open the app. The Splash Screen will show on the first loading

Enter your name and email address. This is referred to when sending an email.

Using the app

Home Screen

Make sure you are in a good GPS location outdoors and watch for the small arrow at the top right of the screen

  • Press the Add Sight button on the toolbar.
  • Enter your species name for your sighting
  • Enter the quantity seen
  • Enter some notes as necessary.
  • If you need to take a photo or use one from your library press the Take Photo button
  • Swipe up and find the Save or Clear buttons

Log Screen


From here you can view a record, email it or delete it

  • To view a record press on it. You can then open Google Maps and show it's location by pressing the View Location button
  • To email a record enter a tick in the box next to the record and press the email button. All photos and data will be sent in the one email. Photos are compressed to save bandwidth.
  • To delete simply swipe across a record

User Review

  • Very simple and effective app

    – Kilmacolm recorder